30 August 2010 @ 10:13 pm
“Animal attack?” Danica echoed, quirking her eyebrow with a smirk. “Is that what he’s calling it?”

“You know something different?”

She knew the cop hadn’t believed them when she and Asher had claimed animal attack back when her brother had gotten trigger happy, and it was clear he wasn’t fooled this time either.

“Me?” Innocence never washed well with Danica but it was fun pretending. “Why would I know anything?”

“You haven’t had those long, have you.” Ray nodded at her, eyes on her fangs.

Her gaze darkened and she cocked an impatient hip. “Far longer than you can imagine.”

“The new set,” he corrected, lifting his hands to his waist. “How long have you had those?”

As amusing as this was for the first few minutes, Danica was quickly becoming bored. “Not long enough.”

“Y’know, it would really work in your favor if you co-operated,” Ray stressed, emphasising his no-nonsense tone when he saw Danica roll her eyes, “and answered my questions.”

“I didn’t bite him,” she replied on a sigh, wanting to cut to the chase. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m human. Blood doesn’t interest me anymore.”

“Same go for your brother?”

That brought the smirk back to Danica’s face. “Same goes for him.”

“Huh.” Ray folded his arms across his chest. “Has he bitten anyone on the island?”

“Oh, detective.” The word dripped with sarcasm. “You already know the answer to that.” Danica held Ray’s gaze for longer than was strictly necessary before mimicking his stance. “You’re talking to the wrong Talos. I’m busy. Go bug Asher.” He'd been born to clean up her messes. She turned to make her exit, having already decided to pay Fitch a visit to congratulate him on his lame cover-up.

“Why would he bite Cooper?!” Ray called out at her retreating figure, all his jigsaw pieces hanging in the air.

“I spent the night with the doctor,” Danica called back, a laugh caught in amongst her words. “He gets awfully jealous.”

And the pieces dropped to the ground, complete in front of Vecchio’s eyes.
Current Mood: suspicious
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