30 August 2010 @ 10:38 pm
Ray was determined to think bad of Asher. Luckily for him, things kept popping up to help him on his way.

A doctor with a wound on his neck and a sister that pointed him towards the ex-vampire was more than enough for him to go on. Inquiries, he told himself, was all he was making but he was desperate for more. A conviction. If he could prove Asher was bad to the bone, then everything would be fine and Ray could stop fixating on him.

He hadn't been able to pin the shooting on Asher, despite the hunch he still felt in his gut, the one that said Asher was guilty. So this, he wasn't going to let go so easily. Scanning each room he entered, Ray hunted for him, more aware of the cuffs on his belt than he had been since he'd arrived on the Island.
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Current Mood: determined
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