19 November 2010 @ 12:30 am

Ray waved the boar meat with a bit more vigor.

"Come on," he hissed, flapping his other hand to get the dog moving. "You know you want this. Come on now."

And still the damn dog wouldn't get off the boat. It was a rottweiler for God's sake and it was nearly whimpering as it faced the leap between the boat and the dock.

"If you get off in five seconds, I'll give you twenty bucks."

Huh. It seemed dogs and children weren't all that different after all.

Chucking the meat in the opposite direction and making sure Onyx followed it, Ray brushed his hands together and turned back to the boat. He'd seen Asher board it at least half an hour before, if not more, and since then he'd watched it for signs of life. While hiding in the bushes with boar meat.

A steakout, if you will.

Ray wasn't quite sure where the line fell between shadowing in a professional capacity and stalking in a personal capacity but he was fairly sure he was walking that line right about now. Climbing onto the boat with a little more confidence than last time, he untied the ropes and cast them out to sea, quietly creeping over the deck on his toes. The natural creaking of the vessel was eerily familiar.
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