13 February 2015 @ 11:02 pm
Ray turned in a circle, instant anxiety in his voice.


From between two skirts, a blond head popped out, followed by two arms and two legs and Ray's heart started beating again. The supermarket wasn't busy but the magazine aisle backed onto the greetings card aisle and there was a noticeable gaggle of people around a stand covered in hearts.

Rather than scolding her for disappearing, he took a deep breath, reminded himself that he was trying to strengthen his relationship with her, and gave her a smile instead. "What have you got?"

Clutched to her chest was a bright red envelope, the card's face hidden. "Something!" When Daniel tried to take a peek, she twisted from side to side to stop him.

Ray's smile slowly became a more natural one, tinged with good humor. When a gap appeared near the stand, he watched as Daniel sneaked in, pawing at a card of his own. "Someone's a lucky guy. Who are you gonna give that to?"

"Daddy," she replied matter-of-factly, like it should have been obvious, eliciting a low laugh from Ray.

"You're gonna show me up, kid," he commented, joining Daniel at the display.

"You're not allowed to give Daddy one! I'm only allowed to give Daddy one!"

"I'm giving Daddy this one," Daniel announced, showing his sister his choice, undeterred (for once) by the pout on his sister's face. Ray couldn't help feeling a little proud and he turned to pluck out the first card he saw. "And I'm giving him this one."

A little finger waved in his direction. "You can give him that one but none others, okay?" Celia stepped in close to her brother then, wrapping an arm over his shoulders and pressing a finger to his card. It was both intimidating and sweet. "Daniel, you can give him that one but I'm giving mine first. I'll tell you when you can give it to Danny but I get to go first."

It was only after Ray had paid for everything that he looked at the front of the card he'd chosen.

I love every inch of you.

Aw, crap.

Later that evening, after supervising the twins writing theirs, he uncapped a pen and scrawled inside his card.

But some more than others.

Ray x

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