Ray Vecchio
12 June 2011 @ 02:04 am

In all his time on the island, this was the first that Ray had stood within the orchard overlooking the garden. He'd needed a quiet place to think, where he wouldn't risk questions coming at him left, right and centre. After badgering Danica for twenty minutes in the morning, he'd made the nasty discovery that he too was a pawn in the island's antics today. The trees provided the kind of cover he needed.

Not that he was hiding. He wasn't the one that had been hiding anything.

Groaning when he realised he was still thinking about it, Ray tipped his head back and took a deep breath. Overhanging leaves filled his vision, all fresh and bursting with color. It was pretty depressing, considering how he was feeling inside.

Asher had bitten Stephen and he'd shot a bear. The words had come out of his own mouth. And still he'd lied about Rorshach, despite those confessions. Granted, Ray and he hadn't been on the best of terms back then, but he had had every opportunity to come clean since.

Maybe he shouldn't have been surprised. Maybe deep down he'd known all along and had decided it wasn't a big enough deal to stop him getting closer to Asher. If that was the case, then it was all on Ray.

Dropping his head, he walked aimlessly amongst the trees towards the pathway. He'd spent most of his life relying on his hunches but it had only taken one man, this man, to stop him doing what he did best. Instinct was key to avoiding mistakes but Ray had stopped listening to his. He'd thought he'd been following it when he'd brushed aside his uncertainties and let himself fall for Asher but perhaps he'd hadn't. Maybe he'd been wrong. Maybe.
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Ray Vecchio
12 June 2011 @ 12:30 am
“You’re loving this, aren’t you.”

It wasn’t a question. It didn’t need to be when the answer was so obvious.

“I am, actually,” Ray agreed anyway, tilting his head with a smile. When Danica bared her fangs in annoyance, he let out a low laugh. “So…so far we’ve established that you don’t like me, that you think Asher does and that you have no idea what he sees in me,” he ticked them off on his fingers. “What else do I want to know…”

Danica pressed her lips together as tight as she could get them.

“Are you planning to kill, maim or attack anybody in the near future?”

“You, as soon as Asher gets over himself, comes to his senses and drops you.” Ray’s brow furrow and Danica cocked an eyebrow. “Maybe he'll do it himself. Huh... This isn’t so bad.”

Ray didn’t want to ask which of the three he was on her list for.

“What about Del and the twins? Are they safe from you?”

A pink lip curled, though whether it was at the insinuation or the thought was unclear. “For now.” Grinding her teeth, jaw tensing, it was easy to see Danica was trying to hold back. She was wrong. It was definitely so bad. “And………yes,” she hissed, dropping a foot down to the ground and pushing herself up from the sofa. “We’re done here now.”

“But I’m enjoying myself,” Ray laughed, watching her leave. “Tell me about Asher’s exes! No, no,” he hurried up after her, “tell me about your attack last year.” Ray wasn’t sure whether it mattered anymore, but it would always sit niggling in the back of his mind if he never knew the full story. As far as his reports were concerned, Danica’s injuries and Rorschach’s bullet wound had been completely separate incidents, but Ray wasn’t dumb.

“Did Asher do it? Did he shoot that guy?”
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Ray Vecchio
02 February 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Apparently living on a tropical island with less than two hundred and fifty inhabitants in the middle of God knows where  wasn't remote enough for Fraser, which was why Ray now found himself rolling out a mat on the forest floor and staring at his bed for the night.

After all the mania that came with the sky falling down, he had been glad, and downright grateful, when Fraser had suggested they get away for a bit. Everyone was taken care of now, so they were easily spared and Ray had had blissful dreams of borrowing a boat and doing some fishing with beers, or visiting the second island just in case someone had built a five star luxury hotel since the last time he'd been there.

He should have known the Mountie would have other ideas. Diefenbaker's whining should have given it away; the darkening eyes and flattened ears that had peered up at him like Ray had just sentenced him to a night of horror too. Which he had, but the wolf didn't look particularly horrified right now, scampering beneath Ray's duvet and warming his muzzle between a couple of plumped pillows.

"Get your own," Ray griped, tugging at the end of the duvet like a parent would do to a lazy child on a school morning. Dief grumbled when he was left uncovered and growled lowly when Ray went to remove the pillows. "They're hypoallergenic for a reason!"
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Ray Vecchio
02 January 2011 @ 10:27 pm
"Well, they are my best feature," Ray replied in the slickest voice he could manage. Removing Asher's hand from his pants, he slid past him and down the rest of the stairs ahead of him, reaching the bottom as quietly as possible.

"Hello?" He called out after a beat, pricking his ears and waiting for a reply. He raised his voice. "Hello? Anybody?" Unless they were passed out in the shower or slumped against a washing machine, it looked like they were alone.

The basement dorm room was the last place to check and Ray couldn't help it when he approached like a cop, pressing his back to the wall outside before ducking inside and scanning the place.

Just as empty.

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Ray Vecchio
19 November 2010 @ 12:30 am

Ray waved the boar meat with a bit more vigor.

"Come on," he hissed, flapping his other hand to get the dog moving. "You know you want this. Come on now."

And still the damn dog wouldn't get off the boat. It was a rottweiler for God's sake and it was nearly whimpering as it faced the leap between the boat and the dock.

"If you get off in five seconds, I'll give you twenty bucks."

Huh. It seemed dogs and children weren't all that different after all.

Chucking the meat in the opposite direction and making sure Onyx followed it, Ray brushed his hands together and turned back to the boat. He'd seen Asher board it at least half an hour before, if not more, and since then he'd watched it for signs of life. While hiding in the bushes with boar meat.

A steakout, if you will.

Ray wasn't quite sure where the line fell between shadowing in a professional capacity and stalking in a personal capacity but he was fairly sure he was walking that line right about now. Climbing onto the boat with a little more confidence than last time, he untied the ropes and cast them out to sea, quietly creeping over the deck on his toes. The natural creaking of the vessel was eerily familiar.
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Ray Vecchio
30 August 2010 @ 10:38 pm
Ray was determined to think bad of Asher. Luckily for him, things kept popping up to help him on his way.

A doctor with a wound on his neck and a sister that pointed him towards the ex-vampire was more than enough for him to go on. Inquiries, he told himself, was all he was making but he was desperate for more. A conviction. If he could prove Asher was bad to the bone, then everything would be fine and Ray could stop fixating on him.

He hadn't been able to pin the shooting on Asher, despite the hunch he still felt in his gut, the one that said Asher was guilty. So this, he wasn't going to let go so easily. Scanning each room he entered, Ray hunted for him, more aware of the cuffs on his belt than he had been since he'd arrived on the Island.
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Ray Vecchio
30 August 2010 @ 10:13 pm
“Animal attack?” Danica echoed, quirking her eyebrow with a smirk. “Is that what he’s calling it?”

“You know something different?”

She knew the cop hadn’t believed them when she and Asher had claimed animal attack back when her brother had gotten trigger happy, and it was clear he wasn’t fooled this time either.

“Me?” Innocence never washed well with Danica but it was fun pretending. “Why would I know anything?”

“You haven’t had those long, have you.” Ray nodded at her, eyes on her fangs.

Her gaze darkened and she cocked an impatient hip. “Far longer than you can imagine.”

“The new set,” he corrected, lifting his hands to his waist. “How long have you had those?”

As amusing as this was for the first few minutes, Danica was quickly becoming bored. “Not long enough.”

“Y’know, it would really work in your favor if you co-operated,” Ray stressed, emphasising his no-nonsense tone when he saw Danica roll her eyes, “and answered my questions.”

“I didn’t bite him,” she replied on a sigh, wanting to cut to the chase. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m human. Blood doesn’t interest me anymore.”

“Same go for your brother?”

That brought the smirk back to Danica’s face. “Same goes for him.”

“Huh.” Ray folded his arms across his chest. “Has he bitten anyone on the island?”

“Oh, detective.” The word dripped with sarcasm. “You already know the answer to that.” Danica held Ray’s gaze for longer than was strictly necessary before mimicking his stance. “You’re talking to the wrong Talos. I’m busy. Go bug Asher.” He'd been born to clean up her messes. She turned to make her exit, having already decided to pay Fitch a visit to congratulate him on his lame cover-up.

“Why would he bite Cooper?!” Ray called out at her retreating figure, all his jigsaw pieces hanging in the air.

“I spent the night with the doctor,” Danica called back, a laugh caught in amongst her words. “He gets awfully jealous.”

And the pieces dropped to the ground, complete in front of Vecchio’s eyes.
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Ray Vecchio
30 May 2010 @ 02:43 am

"I can't believe I did that I can't believe I did that I can't believe!" Ray flapped his hands and high-tailed it out of the stable, hopping around in circles and visibly shuddering. "I can't believe I did that!"

There was a reason why horses weren't man's best friend and that reason was glaringly obvious to Ray. They stunk. And tried to kick him. And head-butt him whenever his back was turned.

Huffing out a deep breath, Ray pinched two fingers and pulled off his gloves, work done for the morning. He'd forgotten how sucky it was getting up early to tend to two spoiled sets of hooves, and he definitely hadn't appreciated the time in-between these stints enough, when he'd been able to sleep in and not smell of manure. He thanked God he lived alone, otherwise his roommates might have thought there was something wrong with his own bowels...

Tossing the gloves on the floor, Ray looked himself over, checking to make sure he wasn't too cruddy. He'd leave the saddling up and...whatever else needed to be done to Asher and spend the time psyching himself up instead. The faster he learned how to control those things, the less time he'd have to play care-giver.

"C'mooon," he called out, swinging his hands together and shaking out his legs, a clear sign of the nerves he was trying to disguise with over-confidence. "Don't bother with a seat, I'll do it bareback if I have to."
Ray Vecchio
15 February 2010 @ 03:20 am

Ray had always been a fan of Valentine's Day - it was the best excuse to try and schmooze a woman without losing too much face. This year though, he hadn't really found himself in the schmoozing mood, so he'd just eaten candy hearts and slurped down coffee all day, pouring over the remaining reports he still had to catch up on and avoiding the scary little cherubs embarrassing people left, right and centre. Luckily, when he'd gotten his message, it had been received in the relative privacy if the IPD office. He had a fair idea who mighta sent it, even glanced around to see if he was right. No luck.

The next day didn't start much different, unless you counted the fact it began two hours earlier than normal due to a not-so-peaceful night's sleep. Ray had two things on his mind as he left his hut: coffee and doctors. Cooper wasn't expecting a visit but that was what made Ray hopeful - catch him off-guard and maybe there'd be something to spill. His hunch was still firmly hunched but he was no further forward in knowing what it was he was looking for. There was just something about the Talos siblings that simultaneously fascinated him and made him suspicious as all hell.

Slipping on sunglasses to shield his tired eyes from the bright light, he made his way to the Compound, caffeine-anticipation spurring him on. With one holiday out of the way and the winged Cupid guy having not caused too much trouble on the island, there was at least one thing for Ray to be thankful for today.
Ray Vecchio
05 January 2010 @ 03:54 am
It hadn't really been a conscious decision to make enquiries about the IPD but after a month on the island, full-time vacationing was starting to wear a little thin. Not that Ray didn't think he deserved the break; after the year he'd had in Vegas he'd been just about ready to throw in the towel and retire altogether, if only he'd had a good enough reason to.

But now, with the beginning of a new year, Ray realised he already knew who he had to talk to, where he had to go, hell, he'd even patrolled the island a couple of times without even realising it. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. He was a cop by nature, even if he spent a lot of the time complaining about it, and although paperwork wasn't exactly his forte, that duty to serve and protect was still inside him. Even if the island was sincerely lacking in criminals to bust and streets to clean the scum off of.

He was still sleeping in the Crash Room, not having yet sorted out any permanent accommodation for himself, but for some reason he was far more keen on getting involved with the IPD than he was on sorting out his living arrangements. His knuckles rapped out a quick knock on the office door but he didn't wait for a voice before he opened it up and walked right on inside.

"Hi." He pressed his palms together. "I'm looking for a uh, Commander Vimes? Or Sheriff Mars, I don't mind which."
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