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Name:Ray Vecchio
Location:United States of America
Character name: Ray Vecchio

Canon:due South. Ray arrives during a shootout in the last episode, "Call of the Wild: Part One".

Age: 37

Physical description: Stands at 6'. Lean build, thinning on top a little bit. Hazel eyes. Slick dresser. Oh, and a big nose ♥


- one gold cross
- one gold watch
- one blue shirt
- one dark grey vest/waistcoat
- one leather belt with big-ass buckle
- one pair black expensive pants
- one pair shiny black shoes
- one pair black socks
- one thick grey trench coat
- one black leather wallet: five credit cards, driver’s license (as Langoustini), couple of hundred dollars in crisp bills, one pre-paid phone card
- one cell phone, three quarters charged
- one fake moustache
- one black pistol, half loaded

[[I do not own Ray Vecchio or David Marciano (woe): this journal is for RP use only at [info]the_blank_slate. All for entertainment purposes, no profit made, so don't sue me.]]

Interests (8):

armani, benton fraser, buick rivieras, canada, chicago, cpd, mounties, not mother nature
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