Ray Vecchio
08 February 2012 @ 09:47 pm
The gentle sway was almost enough to tempt Ray into a deeper sleep but the incessant sting against his face put the kibosh on that. The salty spray from the water forced him onto his side, where his cheek met with prickly fluff. It wasn't his first time experiencing such a thing, so he did what he usually did and shoved at the source of the irritation, grumbling about a stupid dog.

When no bark of retaliation was forthcoming, he creaked open an eye and wondered where they had gotten a multicolored hound from. Memory the wrong side of hazy, Ray hoisted himself up onto an elbow and shaded his eyes with a hand, cogs in his brain slow to start grinding. The sun was low in the sky, so it must have been morning. Congratulating himself on solving that puzzle, his gaze travelled the short distance to the horizon and then lower. To the ocean. And then lower. To the shawn off ends of logs. And then lower. To red knee high boots and yellow spandex currently adorning his bottom half.

Ray's reaction was so violent that it got stuck in his throat as he shot up, coming out as little more than a strangled shout. The raft rocked dangerously with such sudden movement and he clung tightly to whatever he could find.
Ray Vecchio
02 February 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Apparently living on a tropical island with less than two hundred and fifty inhabitants in the middle of God knows where  wasn't remote enough for Fraser, which was why Ray now found himself rolling out a mat on the forest floor and staring at his bed for the night.

After all the mania that came with the sky falling down, he had been glad, and downright grateful, when Fraser had suggested they get away for a bit. Everyone was taken care of now, so they were easily spared and Ray had had blissful dreams of borrowing a boat and doing some fishing with beers, or visiting the second island just in case someone had built a five star luxury hotel since the last time he'd been there.

He should have known the Mountie would have other ideas. Diefenbaker's whining should have given it away; the darkening eyes and flattened ears that had peered up at him like Ray had just sentenced him to a night of horror too. Which he had, but the wolf didn't look particularly horrified right now, scampering beneath Ray's duvet and warming his muzzle between a couple of plumped pillows.

"Get your own," Ray griped, tugging at the end of the duvet like a parent would do to a lazy child on a school morning. Dief grumbled when he was left uncovered and growled lowly when Ray went to remove the pillows. "They're hypoallergenic for a reason!"
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