Ray Vecchio
28 November 2011 @ 11:46 pm

The monkey was mocking him.

Ray could tell by the way its teeth chattered as if laughing. By the patronizing way it tilted its head. But the so not cute way it mimicked every one of Ray's stances.

The first rule of martial arts - he didn't actually know if it was officially the first rule but it was a rule anyway - was to stay calm and centered. The monkey, however, did nothing but annoy and fluster him, and when something did that, Ray lost all concentration and brought out his own secret weapon.

The Cop Finger.

He pointed it like he'd never pointed before.

"I will karate chop your head off if you don't get outta here," he demanded, kicking his foot sharply, despite the distance between him and the pest. His palms sliced through the air a few times and he sucked in a breath, planting his feet on the grass evenly beneath him. "Don't question Phoenix Arm!"
Current Mood: aggravated