Ray Vecchio
12 June 2011 @ 02:04 am

In all his time on the island, this was the first that Ray had stood within the orchard overlooking the garden. He'd needed a quiet place to think, where he wouldn't risk questions coming at him left, right and centre. After badgering Danica for twenty minutes in the morning, he'd made the nasty discovery that he too was a pawn in the island's antics today. The trees provided the kind of cover he needed.

Not that he was hiding. He wasn't the one that had been hiding anything.

Groaning when he realised he was still thinking about it, Ray tipped his head back and took a deep breath. Overhanging leaves filled his vision, all fresh and bursting with color. It was pretty depressing, considering how he was feeling inside.

Asher had bitten Stephen and he'd shot a bear. The words had come out of his own mouth. And still he'd lied about Rorshach, despite those confessions. Granted, Ray and he hadn't been on the best of terms back then, but he had had every opportunity to come clean since.

Maybe he shouldn't have been surprised. Maybe deep down he'd known all along and had decided it wasn't a big enough deal to stop him getting closer to Asher. If that was the case, then it was all on Ray.

Dropping his head, he walked aimlessly amongst the trees towards the pathway. He'd spent most of his life relying on his hunches but it had only taken one man, this man, to stop him doing what he did best. Instinct was key to avoiding mistakes but Ray had stopped listening to his. He'd thought he'd been following it when he'd brushed aside his uncertainties and let himself fall for Asher but perhaps he'd hadn't. Maybe he'd been wrong. Maybe.
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Ray Vecchio
12 June 2011 @ 12:30 am
“You’re loving this, aren’t you.”

It wasn’t a question. It didn’t need to be when the answer was so obvious.

“I am, actually,” Ray agreed anyway, tilting his head with a smile. When Danica bared her fangs in annoyance, he let out a low laugh. “So…so far we’ve established that you don’t like me, that you think Asher does and that you have no idea what he sees in me,” he ticked them off on his fingers. “What else do I want to know…”

Danica pressed her lips together as tight as she could get them.

“Are you planning to kill, maim or attack anybody in the near future?”

“You, as soon as Asher gets over himself, comes to his senses and drops you.” Ray’s brow furrow and Danica cocked an eyebrow. “Maybe he'll do it himself. Huh... This isn’t so bad.”

Ray didn’t want to ask which of the three he was on her list for.

“What about Del and the twins? Are they safe from you?”

A pink lip curled, though whether it was at the insinuation or the thought was unclear. “For now.” Grinding her teeth, jaw tensing, it was easy to see Danica was trying to hold back. She was wrong. It was definitely so bad. “And………yes,” she hissed, dropping a foot down to the ground and pushing herself up from the sofa. “We’re done here now.”

“But I’m enjoying myself,” Ray laughed, watching her leave. “Tell me about Asher’s exes! No, no,” he hurried up after her, “tell me about your attack last year.” Ray wasn’t sure whether it mattered anymore, but it would always sit niggling in the back of his mind if he never knew the full story. As far as his reports were concerned, Danica’s injuries and Rorschach’s bullet wound had been completely separate incidents, but Ray wasn’t dumb.

“Did Asher do it? Did he shoot that guy?”
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